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We at Money 24 Hour make use of cookies just like other websites. If you are not familiar with what cookies exactly are then read on. Cookies are small text files that will get stored in the device that you use to access our website. There are various cookies used and every cookie is unique and contains anonymous information such as a unique identifier and site name. Such information will help the website to remember your browsing history and provide increased functionality, better site performance as well as appropriate content.

Cookies are simple and safe text files. They are not meant to identify personal information. Further, they cannot carry viruses or install anything harmful on the device that you are using to browse the internet. Using the website will be considered as your approval to use cookies in any way.

Disabling cookies is easy but it can affect your browsing experience. The most common type of cookies used by mostly all websites includes session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies exist only for duration you are present in the website and gets deleted as soon as you have logged out of the website. On the other hand, persistent cookies will stay on the device used for browsing till they are deleted manually or expires.

With the help of cookies it becomes easy to provide good user experience and deliver better and personalized service. They are also meant to gather customer journey information through the site, to ensure privacy, store login details, temporarily store input information in loan calculators and comparison tools.

Google Analytics are used to analyze the information provided and to improve the content of the website. Google may collect cookies or read cookies that are already stored in your system. You can always control the information that is shared by your web browser.

For any further information, feel free to contact us at Money 24 Hour.

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