Responsible Lending

At Money 24 Hour we are not a lender but just a mere intermediary. But we understand how important responsible lending it. We take equal responsibility similar to lenders in helping you find the loan that best suits your requirement. State your needs and we will try our best to match you with appropriate lender capable of providing the loan deal that exactly fulfills your needs.

When registering with us we expect you to provide honest and complete details that we can further share with qualified lenders further. We will also let you know about the demerits associated with short term loan. Our only motto is to ensure that you find the loan deal that meets your needs and you can easily repay back without getting trapped in any unpleasant circumstances.

Lenders are going to verify your personal details, check your credit status and assess your repayment ability. The sole purpose behind considering your repayment ability is to ensure that you can pay back with easy. Besides, confirming your repayment ability will make it easy for you to obtain the loan you need with quick approval.

Short term loans carry high rate of interest and thus repayment should be done on time to avoid getting into debts and other financial issues. Therefore, these loans should not be applied unless you are confident about making timely repayment.

Reviewing the terms and rates provided by lenders in the loan agreement will help you borrow responsibly. If you have any confusion, feel free to contact us at Money 24 Hour.

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